Web POS | CP ConneX - Label Printing Configuration

This guide will cover how to establish the link between the Zebra Label Printer and ClickPOS ConneX.

By default, CP ConneX will utilise ClickPOS' default printer name 'ZebraTLP' for printing to the label printer. The label printer must be attached to PC and is working.

To test that printing is working when device is directly configured on the local host PC..

Click 'Zebra Receipt Printer Settings' and click 'Check Connection'

If it prints a test then all is well and you can select 'Zebra Receipt Printer Settings' again to close that test feature. 

If it fails, indicates that the label printer has not been setup and/or has not been configured correctly.

Printing to a device that has a different printer name; not 'ZebraTLP'

If there are multiple printers on the same network that are to be shared may require the use of a different printer name when setting up the printer. Please contact ClickPOS support for more information on this approach.

To test that printing is working when device is directly configured on another host PC..

Network setups will require the user to enter the local IP Address of the PC where the label printer is installed. In most cases the IP Address is enough if 'ZebraTLP' name is being used on the host windows PC. These setups are extremely rare and in most cases there is no need to install ConneX on any other PC except where the device is located/installed. Again best contact ClickPOS support to discuss further.




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