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You may share the ClickPOS ConneX printer with another device on the same network. This is useful for printing from handheld devices such as Android and iOS. You may even share it with other computers also for a more cost effective approach.


We have integrated our existing Epson Intelligent configuration to adopt the new ClickPOS ConneX interface. This allows you to configure the printer to be shared across all devices logged into ClickPOS on the local network in the exact same fashion of our intelligent interface.

Ensure ClickPOS ConneX is setup and functional on the host PC prior to performing the following steps. 

Setup ClickPOS for Intelligent Printing

  1. Login to ClickPOS
  2. Navigate to Maintain > System Admin > Intelligent Functions
  3. Select the relevant branch
  4. Select ClickPOS - Receipt
  5. Select the Domain Name (Note: The domain name can be located within the ClickPOS ConneX application on the Windows host computer. Each Host has a separate domain name) 
  6. Enter the Device ID (case sensitive) (note: This is used to identify, anything can be entered here)
  7. Click OK
  8. Success; your ClickPOS ConneX shared printer is now available.

Verify Printer is visible and test in accordance

  1. Navigate to Sale > Sell Product
  2. Open the Printer selection panel and verify the printer is displaying
  3. Do a test print to verify it is working correctly.

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