Web POS | CP ConneX - PC EFTPOS Printing Configuration

You can use ClickPOS ConneX to print merchant receipts from browsers other than Microsoft Internet Explorer. 


- Merchant terminal to be fully established and functional with PC EFTPOS software.

Contact your bank/merchant service provider if you are not currently activated for PC EFTPOS and would like to start integrating.

- PC EFTPOS activated payment type button must be available

- PC EFTPOS must be activated by ClickPOS for the required branch

Please contact ClickPOS if PC EFTPOS is setup and you require branch activation for PC EFTPOS in ClickPOS.

- ClickPOS ConneX must be installed and activated

Please proceed to the installation and Activation instructions page/s for further information.

Creating a link to ClickPOS ConneX

  1. Open ClickPOS ConneX on the Windows Host PC
  2. Make note of the Host Name Address
  3. Login to ClickPOS
  4. Navigate to Maintain > System Admin > Intelligent Functions > Merchant Setup
  5. Select the Branch
  6. Select the Payment Type (This will only display PC EFTPOS Enabled payment types)
  7. Select the Till ID (Till will only display based on quantity set within Store Maintenance)
  8. Select the ConneX Host Name (This is the host name noted in step 2)
  9. Click OK to save
  10. Repeat with other Branch/Till/Payment Type combinations

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