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Selling out a phone with a plan is done in a few steps.

  1. Navigate to the “Sale” tab & click “Sell Products”.
  2. Click on the customer icon to enter in customer details.
  3. Click on the “Phone” tab to select the phone/plan combination.
  4. Use the product filter to narrow down the correct plan/phone combination (a $49 Consumer Cap Plan will be used for this example).
  5. Enter in the IMEI Number and select “Search”.
  6. Several more Tabs appear which can be filled in depending whether the handset is an MRO, the customer is an Account level customer, the item is shipped or the landline installation details are required. You will need to enter in the customers Mobile number and choose whether the contract has commission due (inside 90 days of contract) or not.
  7. Select “OK” and you will be returned back to the main screen.
  8. Confirm the details are correct and complete the sale by clicking “NIL PAY”.

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