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Barcode Font
ClickPOS uses a special font (called, 3 of 9 Barcode) to convert Barcodes you nominated for non-barcoded products in your product catalogue to scan-able barcodes.
In order to print these barcodes, you need to download the following Font. The font will be available in your Fonts list, and you can use it just like other fonts in Word, Excel etc.

Here is what the font looks like:


Download and install 3 of 9 Barcode Font

Instructions to install the Font

  1. Click above to download the barcode installer.
  2. Select Run this program from its Current Location click on "OK".
  3. Do you want to install and run "BarcodeFont.exe" from click on "Yes".
  4. Do you want to completely remove the selected application and all of it's components click on "OK".
  5. Note: Once font installer finishes, you must activate the font. To do this, simply open Control Panel, then click "Fonts". The system will automatically register a new font called "3 of 9 Barcode". You can now use the barcode font within any application such as Word or Excel, just as you would any other font. 

When introducing new product lines, ClickPOS requires that all products must have a unique barcode. Some products dont come with barcodes, so you have an option of making up your own, and further ability to print adhesive barcode labels to stick onto the products. In turn a speedy sale process. Some clients like to create a label for all their products. Such as giftware etc. 
1. Create your own product labels for pricing, As you add stock, the label printer will print pricing lables with barcodes on them.

Below is a sample output of label. Adhesive label size 75w x 23h.   Other small size includes 45w x 15h

Jewellery industry

2. Print a list of Products with Barcodes along side all product. Used for when selling small or non barcoded items. Simply print a catalogue and make a folder so staff at shopfront can use to sell products. To Print list go to Reports > Maintenance reports > Product List report 5-2

NOTE: if you are creating your own labels in Word or Excel, you must include an asterisk * on both sides of the barcode.
Also note that in MS Word, when you type the end asterisk, the characters changes to Bold, you need to undo, that is Ctrl Z, then highlight the entire barcode including the asterisks, then change to the barcode font. You will also require using minimum of font size 14+, and printing on high quality laser printer.


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