Web POS | Create customers within Card File

Cardfile is used for maintaining customer details, Account Manager information and Maintaining Suppliers.


  • Navigate to “Maintain” and “Customer Details”. There are multiple tabs which you can use to gather customer details and maintain account information.

“Bill To” – Main customer details such as Address, Company Details, Contact numbers, email, password for website login and loyalty details.

"Extended” – You can add more information such as ABN, Industry, Department and ID of customer.

- “Ship To” – You can enter in a alternative shipping and physical address.

- “Account Contact” – You can set a class for the customer whether they are a Retail Store, Telemarketer, farming or an industry specific customer. There is a “Master Account” field that you can use to group a customer is it falls under a master billing system. You can assign a sales rep to the customer in the “Our Account Manager” field. You can also utilise other company details as well as payment methods to the customer and record credit card details.

“Installation” – If you wish to track an installation for a product you can do it under this tab. The “Status” field is where you can customise your own statuses depending on whether it is in progress, complete or pending etc. There are also other fields in which you can utilise that have reference to the installation.

“Search” – You can search for customers in many fields

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