Web POS | Processing a Supplier Clawback

Clawbacks happen from time to time and in all cases are required to be processed in accordance via ClickPOS reconciliation.
Clawbacks are processed manually ad-hoc, as in most cases you cannot predict in advance that you will be clawed back for a specific sale.


  • A Clawback Addition/Deductions has been created prior to starting the clawback process
  • Click here If you are unsure of how to build an Addition/Deduction.
  • Original sales have been performed in ClickPOS


• A list of clawed back service numbers and their amounts

• Maintain -> Tariff Plan -> Reconcile Revenue

• Enter the 1st number from your list into the mobile number search field & Click Search

You will be prompt with a selection screen If multiple records exist
• Select the record by clicking on the line item

Select ‘Clawback’ In Addition / Deduction 3

• Enter the negative (-) amount of the clawback in to the expected and received column for Addition/Deduction 3
E.g.. -450.00 if you have been clawed back $450.00


• Enter the date the clawback was processed into both expected and received dates

  • Click OK to finalise
  • Proceed back to the search tab
  • Repeat for additional Clawbacks

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