Web POS | Creating a Payment Surcharge

Payment surcharges are used for adding a extra payment to a certain payment type. 


When a surcharge is added to a payment type it will include a non stocked surcharge item, this enables you to track these items separately if required

  1. Navigate to Stock -> Product Maintain
  2. Create a product line that embodies the credit card surcharge information that will be reflected on the customer tax invoice.
    - Ensure you tick ‘Sell without Entry in Stock’
  3. Proceed to Maintain -> System Admin -> Pay Type -> Payment Maintenance
  4. Select the payment you wish to apply the surcharge to by clicking on the payment name
  5. Tick the Active checkbox under the Payment Surcharge Section.
  6. Input barcode textbox with the product barcode created in step 2.
  7. Select percentage or flat fee for surcharge fee


This payment type will now include a surcharge when it is selected on the payment screen.

ClickPOS will automatically apply the surcharge value when tendering out the sale.

The payment button will clearly indicate the total amount including the surcharge.

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