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Lay-By is a way a customer can make payments towards a product in instalment.

  1. Navigate to the “Sale” tab & click “Sell Product”.
  2. Choose a customer from the Customer icon.
  3. Scan in or select a product from the “Product” tab.
  4. Click on the LayBy checkbox and in this case the customer wishes to make a payment of $20 towards the product.
  5. Type $20 in the payment amount field and select the payment method (E.g. Cash, Credit).
  6. Now select “Nil Pay” to put the remaining amount into outstanding.
  7. This amount will now show as owing under this invoice number for this customer.
  8. When the customer wants to pay the outstanding amount you will need to search for it. Select “Lay-by Payment” and search previous sale by invoice or by viewing a list of all outstanding Lay-by's
  9. Once the old sale is found it will show the Customers name, amount owing and original sale date. Click on the invoice number hyperlink to finalise sale.
  10. Take the remaining payment for the product or you can repeat this process for multiple payments.

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