Web POS | Applying Discounts

This is when you want to discount the sale price of a product in stock. There are 3 different ways that a discount can be done.


  1. Navigate to the “Sale” Tab & click “Sell Product”.
  2. Scan in product or select it from the “Product” Tab.
  3. Once the product is displayed in the invoice click on the product name hyperlink.
  4. In this field you can either put the dollar value of discount in the “Discount” field or you can manually change the price in the “Sale Price” field.
  5. Once price has been changed press the “OK” button and process the sale as normal.
  6. The 3rd option is to enter in the discount percentage in the “Discount” field on the main sale screen. You must do this before the product is added and it will automatically discount the product.

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