Web POS | Create New User

Maintain -> System Admin -> Employees>Add Edit

  • Enter username - recommended one word. Username cannot be changed once saved
  • Choosing the "Group" will give all permissions under that User Group to the created User
  • To maintain high security, the password must meet the min. password requirements: 

    - Be at least 8 Characters long
    - Consisting of lower and upper case letters
    - Number(s)
    - Special characters (e.g. !,@,~,^)

  • Be sure to select the Branches the User will have access to

  • Once a branch/es have been selected this will trigger the option to "Display In Sale"

  • Tick "Display in Sale" if you wish the name to be selected at point of sale. 

  • Tick a Timesheet Location where the User is generally located
  • Pay Rate section is not mandatory, so can be ignored




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