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The Additions and Deductions are used when selling out a Phone Plan, where you may include any additional revenue from Carrier or add services to an invoice.

  1. Navigate to “Maintain”, “Tariff Plan” and “Additions & Deductions”. Here you can maintain additional services you wish to add to a Phone Sale such as a Bonus.
  2. 2. Under “Addition/Deduction” you name the product you would like to add. Under “Amount” you can add the amount of revenue/GP you would like to add to the sale (This can also be a negative amount).
    - “Show on Invoice” – You can choose whether to have product appear on the Invoice.
    - “Revenue from Carrier” – Select “Yes” if you would expect to get this amount back from your Carrier.
    - “Display Revenue Amount on Invoice” – Choose “Yes” if you would like the amount to show on the Invoice.
    - “Read Only” – Select “Yes” if you would like the amount to not be able to be changed during the sale.
  3. Once you have added the Addition/Deduction of your choice you can add this to the sale by clicking on the “Services” tab and choosing the product from the drop down options.

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