Web POS | Resolving contact issues with Xero Integration

If you are getting the following error message when integrating invoices then the most common cause is that duplicate contacts in Xero that have been merged together.

To resolve this issue follow the below guide

  1. Identify which customer/supplier is affected.
    From the invoice number in the error you can view the sale or purchase order details to find the customer or supplier
  2. Once you have these details go to Xero and select ‘all contacts’
  3.  In there, click onto the ‘Archived’ tab and find the customer’s name
  4.  If there is more than one then look through them till you find one with a “Contact code”

  5. On that Customer click the “Restore this contact” Link.
  6. Go back to the “All tab” and find the contact WITHOUT a contact code.

  7. Click the tickbox on that contact and click the “Merge” Button
  8. Select the contact you just restored from the archive
  9. And click “Yes”

You should now be able to integrate the invoices from ClickPOS into Xero.




If the customer has a padlock icon on the Archived page then you will need to change the current Contacts name before you can restore the archived one. After changing the name go back to step 3.

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