Web POS | Setup of category account references.

In order to integrate to Xero accounting, you are required to build Account References to match against your Chart Of Accounts in Xero.

The following process guides you through on how to add ClickPOS Account references.

What is an account reference? : In ClickPOS Account ref is basically your equivalent COA in Xero.

ClickPOS will summarise all products under each Account Ref, and push the total to Xero to the corresponding chart of account in Xero.

This is easily done by assigning an Account Ref to Product category so when a new product is added into catalogue, it is already configured to link to Xero.


How to build Account References in ClickPOS.

  1. Login to ClickPOS 
  2. Click on Stock -> Product Maintain -> Maintain Category -> Maintain Account Ref

  3.  Now add the Account reference, then click OK.

  4.   Repeat the process by selecting “Add New” in the dropdown box.

Once completed, go back to Stock -> Product Maintain -> Maintain Category to assign Account refs to categories.


  1. Now, you need to assign Account Ref’s to Product Categories. Click the Category, in this example we will assign the following categories to Accessories.
  2. Then Select the Account Ref, then click OK. Repeat the process for all other Categories.

That’s it. You can see the assigned Account references to each category under the header Account Ref.

Also ensure the Tax % is correct for each category

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