Portable Barcode Scanner

Use portable hand held scanner to perform remote stock take then import the data from the terminal straight into your computer.

Installation of Handheld Scanner

To Receive files from the Portable scanner you must first download and install the software which allows you to RECEIVE FILES from scanner to your PC.

Note: Depending on your requirements, you must decide if you are going to: 

- use PC at each store to RECEIVE the stock take file,

- once stock take is complete in one store, to take the handheld scanner to head office, then RECEIVE files to a PC at Head Office.

Remember that, you must stock take one store at a time. Then RECEIVE the FILE into a PC, then Delete the contents of stock take out of scanner, then you may stock take another store. 
So the download below should be performed only on those PC's that will be used to import the data.
We recommend you install this software, into each store's PC. Each time you perform stock take, you simply plug the scanner cradle to the PC, upload the file, then delete the content of scanner, so you are ready to stock take another store.

Click here to Download (SU-PT40-PPG.ZIP,  File Size 15,195kb)

1. Save the file to your PC
2. Open the zip file

3. Click Run
4. Follow through the defaults. 
5. Once installation is complete, click Start | Programs | Xfer32 
The following screen will be displayed



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