Web POS | Cannot Access ClickPOS - Login Troubleshooting

Cannot Access Login Page

1. Verify Login URL

2. Verify Internet Connectivity

If login URL is correct, then test general connectivity to other websites.

Ensure that you try a web page that you would not normally visit such as

3. Verify PC functionality

Try login from another device such as a PC, mobile or tablet.

4. Verify if ClickPOS is down

In the event the URL is correct, Internet is definitely connected and you cannot access from another device..

Contact ClickPOS support immediately on 03 90925300 (option 2) 

NOTE: This is an extremely rare case

Cannot Login

1. Error message - The Company login details entered are invalid

Verify credentials (Usernames/Passwords)

Note: Passwords are case sensitive!

Contact ClickPOS support requesting a password reset - 

2. Error Message - An unexpected Error has occurred

Follow instructions contained here In the event you receive this message



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