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If you have arranged a connection to the integrated eftpos, then you need to add the following as list of payment tender types in order for customer payment amounts to integrate to xero,

Why? Because when customer makes payment using the eftpos terminal, the bank returns pay type with either one of the following pay types, this is saved to ClickPOS, so the mapping requires these names to be available, that is Visa, Mcard, Debit, Amex and diners.

PAYMENT EXPRESS integrators.

For those using the services of Payment Express, add the following payment tender types (must be spelled exactly)

  • MCard
  • Visa
  • Debit
  • Amex {optional}
  • Diners {optional}

To add these pay types, go to ClickPOS Maintain > System Admin > Payment Types and add above three to Payment Type field

NOTE: if you want to use just one button eg EFTPOS,you can ensure you do not assign these new payment types to any user groups. this will ensure they will not show on the sale screen

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