Web POS | Placing invoices "On Hold" for Integration

When making a sale, you can change the status of integration to On “Hold”, which means the integration will not go through and wait until the status changes to “Awaiting Extract”.

This option is available, for those that have needs to finalise the invoice before integrating
To change the FI status to HOLD, you must select a Customer that has “On Account” activated.

To view the financial status in sale screen, you must allow the user group to view the option.

Go to Maintain > System admin > User Group permission
Tick the permission 1.10.180 Allow user to view and change Financial Integration status


Advanced features

You can default all sales to status “Hold” If your customers are all on account, and you want to mark all sales to on ‘hold’ status, then tick the user group permission.
Go to Maintain > System admin > User Group permission
Tick the permission 1.70.000 Change FI Integration Default to hold


Integrating the Hold transactions.

The integration process is the same, simply go the Accounts > Xero integration, then select the date range, then select status “Hold”, then search, system displays all transactions that are on hold, Select the transactions ready to export, then simply integrate, the status will change from “Hold” to “Extracted”.
You can only change the FI status to HOLD, for customers that are marked as “On Account” in the Customer screen.
Simply select the HOLD option and click OK to Save

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