Web POS | Email Statements to Customers On Account



This will allow you to send email statements to customers on account

Note: The User's email field cannot be blank, to edit this you would go to Maintain > System Admin > Employees > search the User required > input email in email field 



Set Up

This is an once off process

1. Go to Maintain > System Admin > Company Details


2. Input into SMTP Server Address field and hit OK

This will enable the delivery of email statements



 Setting up Email Template

1. Go to Maintain > System Admin > Email Template > Fill out template then hit OK

2. For 'Send To' section, select accordingly, if in Card File email is saved in 'Account Contact' tab then select 'Customer Account Email' 


Sending Emails


1. Go to Accounts > Income > Email Statement > input date range > hit Search then Email Statement tab again


2. Select the Customer by ticking the tickbox, then select the template required, then hit Email


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