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A button displayed on the sale screen that allows you to press and instantly sell out a pre-defined barcode.

This could include internal tracking codes, recharge cards, services, inventory items and even bundles.



Simple Speed Sale Buttons 

Important: Buttons are grouped in tabs utilising the category name.

Ensure your catalogue products are in the correct categories at the point of entry or modification.


Creating a button for use

1. Proceed to Stock > Product Maintain

2. Either create a new item or search for an existing item. If creating new item, proceed as per normal.

3. Tick 'Override catergory settings'

4. Tick 'Include as speed button'

5. Select a button colour (optional)

6. Click OK (new record) or Apply (existing record)

7. Complete - Enjoy your new speed sale button


Adding a product category to the sale screen for speed sale buttons


1. Proceed to Stock > Product Maintain > Maintain Category (Hyperlink)

2. Select where you want the category tab (top or bottom region)

3. Select the Button Skin Colour

4. Click OK to save



Bundles allow you to sell multiple items using one barcode. In other words to sell with a single click, if a speed sale button is created for bundles. the bundle item can also adjust the total price of the items.

Eg. reduce sale price when offering a discount on the bundle

1. Proceed to Stock > Product Maintain

2. Ensure you have created a category for bundles prior to making your first bundle

3. Ensure you have created an internal supplier name for in-house barcodes

4. Enter a barcode that will be used for the bundle

Tip: Keep codes simple and consistent where possible

5. Enter a product name for the budle

Note: This name will display on the sal screen and the customers tax invoice

6. Select your pre-created bundle catergory

7. Select you pre-created internal supplier

8. Enter a price value into the RRP field

Note: Enter a negative price value to discount the total sale price of all items within the bundle

9. Tick 'Override category settings'

10. Tick 'Is Bundle'


Optional Speed Button

11. Tick 'Include as speed button'

12. Select a button colour

13. Click OK to save bundle product



Adding items to the bundle


1. Proceed to Stock > Product Maintain > Bundles tab

2. Using the right search field, enter the bundle name of the required bundle item and search

3. Tick the relevant bundle name

4. Using the left search, enter a few letters of the name or manufacturer of the 1st item that will be added to the bundle

5. Tick the item you wish to attach and click OK

6. Repeat the left panel search with other additional items, ensure you tick and save before moving onto the next

7. Once complete, click 'Show linked' net to the bundle name and it will display items that are contained within the bundle

8. Done! Proceed to the sale screen to test your new bundle code and speed sale button if you created one


Note: You can also search the items in the left panel and click 'Show' to display all bundles it is attached to. 

If you need to delete the bundle, you will be required to delete all items contained within separately






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