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 The below guide will show the necessary steps to reconcile the till and close the days takings. If you are the person assigned to reconcile the till, then please note that you are required to perform one in the morning and one at the end of the day

  • Click Accounts tab
  • Click Daily Reconciliation

The first part of reconciliation is performed in the morning. Count the money that is in the float from the previous day and enter the amount into the system. 

The second part is performed at the end of the day

  • Click Search to start opening float



  • Next, enter the quantity of denominations into the system
  • Please note that when entering the amount you only need to enter the quantity you counted.

In this example; 4 x $20 are in hand, so enter 4, not $80.
As you click into the next tab, the amount is calculated automatically. In this case your entry of 4, automatically calculated and changes to 80.

  • Continue entering each denomination quantity
  • Now to finalize the opening float, scroll down > enter name in signed by field and click the Apply button

You are now ready to begin your daily sales.


Now, It's time to close the shop and perform end of day processing.
At the end of the day, you are required to close the days takings by verifying total amounts received within the system against actual cash takings, eftpos and other terminals.

  • Click Accounts tab
  • Click Daily Reconciliation
  • Click Search
  • Enter the Total closing quantity of cash in the till (including float amounts)

  • Now, enter the New Float to be left for the next shift
     (This is usually totals to the amount of the opening float)

  • Confirm and enter cash total and manually counted amounts of other payments types by receipts etc



  • Scroll down and click End Shift which will prompt a confirmation window
  • Once you click OK, The taking sheet will not be editable. if you are required to go back to make adjustments, you will need to start again from the opening float

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