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Timesheet will allow staff to punch in and out to record their attendance. The time recorded will be utilised for monitoring attendance and processing payroll.

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Target Audience : All Employees


Punch IN (Clocking IN)

  • Scan your Staff ID
  • System will confirm with green “IN” icon

Punch OUT (Clocking OUT)

  • Scan your Staff ID card
  • System will confirm with red 'OUT' icon

Recording Breaks 

  • Scan out when going out of office for lunch break or similar
  • On return scan in again

Manual Punch
You may utilise the manual process in the event you do not have staff cards printed.

  • Click 'Manual Punch'
  • Enter the time 

Request Leave

This area can be utilised to schedule or request leave. This is to be discussed within your business for general use.

Staff Board

Displays the list of staff times. Refresh the list to see the current list of staff on premise.




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