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This is how you would perform an invoice adjustment if you have integrated EFTPOS. You would need to make an adjustment when a customer has paid via integrated EFTPOS however the staff member has input the value incorrectly in ClickPOS.


eg.  A product has sale price of $10, however staff member accidentally charged customer 10 cents. Due to customer paying via integrated EFTPOS an adjustment needs to be made.


Step 1

First you need to create an Adjustment payment button. To do this proceed to Maintain > System Admin > Payment Type

 Step 2

In Add Payment screen, fill in highlighted fields below. Below screenshot is an example 

 Now you have successfully created your Adjustment button :)


Let's put it into practice using the above example

To make an adjustment you would search old sale via invoice number, there should still be $9.90 owing on the invoice. You would tender this with the Adjustment button.



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