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Integration Error Messages and Troubleshooting

When you click to integrate, Xero validates the data being passed through and may display the following error codes that you need to take action. First read the self-explanatory messages and details below.
As a last resort you may click the EMAIL ClickPOS option.


Message Definitions:


Payments can only be made against Authorised invoices.
Reason: This reference has already been integrated however needs to be Approved in Xero.

ACTION: Login to Xero, Accounts receivable then Drafts, then tick the Ref number and Approve then Authorise. Come back to ClickPOS and retry the integration.


Payment amounts exceeds.
Reason: Relates to above message where the Amount has exceeded the initial expected summary.

ACTION: Check the authorised invoice amount total. This amount cannot be different to the Payment tender amount total. 


Invoice could not be found.
Reason: Before the payment tender can be integrated, there needs to be a sales invoice referencing the payments in Xero. 

ACTION: You must perform the Sales summary integration first, then login to Xero, Accounts recievable then Drafts, then tick the Ref number(s) and Approve. Come back to ClickPOS and retry integrating the payment.


Invoice # must be unique.
Reason: This means you already have integrated this Invoice number from ClickPOS to Xero. You cannot integrate the same item two times.

ACTION: If you made changes in ClickPOS after you integrated & need to upload the most current figures for a particular date, you can go to Xero, then Delete the identical Invoice(s), then repeat integration.


Another contact has this contact number. Please enter a different contact number.
You are passing a customer detail from ClickPOS to Xero. It is trying to create the same, however, in Xero the same customer exists in the ARCHIVE. You changed the Supplier/Customer to ARCHIVE. If so select the contact in Archive and use RESTORE option OR you may go to ClickPOS and change the Customer name so it is now unique. To do this go to Contact > Customer and find and edit the COMPANY NAME.


Invoice not of valid status for modification.

Invoice not of valid status for modification. This document cannot be edited as it has a payment or credit note allocated to it

Reason: This error appears when you attempt to modify an invoice that has been paid for.

ACTION: In this instance you would have to right a manual entry into Xero


The token repository doesn’t contain a valid access token.

ACTION:  Please delete your Xero connection and create a new one


A Contact must be specified for this type of transaction

Reason: No Contact assigned to the invoice

ACTION: Please assign a contact to the specific invoice then try integrating again


Document could not be found

Reason: The invoice related to the payment is not yet integrated to Xero

Action: Isolate which invoice the entry is related to, then integrate the sales invoice before re-integrating the payment again


Account could not be found (payments)

Reason: The payment account in Xero does not have an account code or you have not mapped your payments methods in ClickPOS to payment methods in Xero.

Action: Add codes to each account in your Xero chart of accounts. Make sure you have mapped your payment methods in ClickPOS to related accounts in Xero


Sorry, Due Dates cannot be made more than 999 days after the invoice date.

Reason: This error occurs when Xero Customer Terms are set to 0 Days.

Action: In Xero, remove the Billing Terms for customers who's invoices are not posting due to this error. Log into Xero, click on the Contacts Menu and search for the contact for the invoice which is failing to post to Xero. Click on your Edit Financial menu from the list. Scroll down to view the Billing Terms Set for the Contact Remove the Billing Terms by deleting the value and click Save. Once you have saved the settings, The record will now sync without error.



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