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Batch Plan Sale (NO IMEI)

Target Screen

       Sale > Sell Product > Phone Tab

Target Audience

       All Sales Staff & Administration

Target Industry

       Telecommunications (Global)


Permisson 1.11.240 Phone-Allow Batch Plan Sale must be enabled to do batch sales. 


This exciting feature will eliminate the need to repeat the same process when selling many of the same plan to the same customer.

Business Centre and Enterprise level resellers will highly benefit in time vs money saving.


  • Proceed to the sale screen
  • Enter a new or select existing customer

  • Proceed to the ‘Phone Tab’

  • Select the required plan using the provided filters

  • Select the relevant ‘Contract Only’ option in the ‘Phone Type’ selection box

  • Click Search to verify plan and contract type match
  • Enter additional info (if prompted)

  • Tick ‘Batch’

  • Enter ‘Con Ref’ now if the connection reference is the same for all services
  • Adjust dates if required

  • Click OK
  • Enter all the service numbers

  • Enter the optional Con Ref (if not previously entered or different)
  • Enter any relevant notes
  • Click 'Check'
  • If all results are expected then click 'Add All'
  • Tick Individual records and click 'ADD' If you only want to commit to certain records 

  • Click complete to commit the selected records to the invoice

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