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Payroll integration with Xero

This guide will cover the process when establishing an Integration between ClickPOS Payroll and Xero Payroll systems.

Navigation : Finance > Xero Integration
Target Audience : Finance Administrators
Target Industry: All

Payroll must be enabled in Xero.

  • Login to Xero
  • Click 'Payroll' menu item
  • Click 'Get Started Now'

Note: User must be assigned as a “Payroll Admin” in Xero to make changes below.


Note: This will populate the payroll area with dummy data.

  • Set up payroll (earning) rates in Xero
  • Got to Settings > Payroll Settings > Pay Items > Add Earnings Rate

Note: These rates must match the timesheet categories in ClickPOS

Note: In Xero avoid mapping timesheet categories to any “Fixed Amount” earnings rates. If you neglect this, the Integration will fail.

Go To Settings > Payroll Settings > Pay Items

Note: Name can be user defined, and doesn't have to match CP’s category, the category can be mapped at the time. It would be ideal to have similar names so it's easy to track between the 2 systems

Important: Type of units can be set to “Hours”,

Important: Rate Per Unit will automatically be integrated from ClickPOS.

  • Log into ClickPOS if not done already
  • Proceed to Accounts > Xero Setup
  • Create a new connection to Xero (this is necessary even for existing clients who have previously connected).

Note: The user who is authorising ClickPOS must be a Payroll Admin in Xero.

  • After authorisation, users may check the Enable Timesheet box beneath the connection name to enable the Payroll features in ClickPOS (there is no Save button)
  • Then migrate to dropdown box and select Create New Timesheet Connection and hit Submit - this will redirect you to Xero where you can select the relevant company profile you would like connected to payroll

  • In ClickPOS, in the Xero Setup, in the Accounts tab, Timesheet Categories are mapped to Earnings Rates. See below

  • Navigate to Xero Integration page.
  • No need to change the dates at this stage, simply hit Search.

Before we do anything else, we want to integrate the employees.

Note: The integration will add the new employees to Xero automatically.

If employee is listed in the integration page, (see below), it will display on top part of integration page as per below.

  • First integrate the employee,
  • Now go to Xero and setup hours and rates if not already done previously.

Handling New Employees

Employee must be add to ClickPOS first, then the first integration will add employee details to Xero, then setup

If an already written employee is deleted in Xero

Clear the Xero ID in the employee file within ClickPOS. It will then automatically write the same employee back to Xero.

Once integrated

  • Go back to Xero to setup the new employees.
  • Go to Payroll -> Employees -> Employee Name -> Employment.
  • In the Employment tab we need to at a minimum, select a Start Date, a Payroll Calendar and an Ordinary Earnings Rate.

  • If using the Demo site and there is a draft Pay Run already present, we need to explicitly add the employee to the Pay Run if we want integration to occur for the given period.

  • Now that our employee ‘Amanda’ is integrated, assigned a Payroll Calendar and added to a Draft Pay Run, we can now integrate a timesheet for her. Go back to ClickPOS and run the integration.

Note: If only doing Payroll integration, dates are not required when searching – it will automatically find all relevant records.

  • Draft Pay Runs will appear in the Employees & Timesheets tab. Selecting the View Timesheets link will display any hours employees have worked during this period.
  • You must nominate the EARNINGS RATE, in Pay Template for each Pay Type.

  • Then Tick the INCLUDED tick box for the new employee

Note: Only timesheets for employees that have been integrated to Xero will appear.

  • Select the Pay Run and integrate. Hopefully you get one of these

  • Going back to Xero again, this time in Payroll -> Timesheets, we can see the results.
  • Timesheets, like the rest of our integration are created in Draft mode awaiting approval


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