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Batch Plan Sale (IMEI)

Target Screen

       Sale > Sell Product > Phone Tab

Target Audience

       All Sales Staff & Administration

Target Industry

       Telecommunications (Global)


Permisson 1.11.240 Phone-Allow Batch Plan Sale must be enabled to do batch sales. 


This exciting feature will eliminate the need to repeat the same process when selling many of the same plan & device to the same customer.

Business Centre and Enterprise level resellers will highly benefit in time vs money saving.


  • Proceed to the sale screen
  • Enter a new or select existing customer

  • Proceed to the ‘Phone Tab’

  • Select the required plan using the provided filters

  • Select the relevant ‘Device Model' option in the ‘Phone Type’ selection box

  • Click Search to verify plan and device match
  • Enter additional info (if prompted)

  • Tick ‘Batch’

  • Enter ‘Con Ref’ now if the connection reference is the same for all services
  • Adjust dates if required

  • Click OK
  • Enter all the IMEI for the device
  • Enter the corresponding service number to each IMEI

  • Enter the optional Con Ref (if not previously entered or different)
  • Enter any relevant notes
  • Click 'Check'
  • If all results are expected then click 'Add All'
  • Tick Individual records and click 'ADD' If you only want to commit to certain records 

  • Click complete to commit the selected records to the invoice

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