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Supplier - Master Import File

Target Screen

       Reports > Import Data

Target Audience

       3rd Party Suppliers       

       Stock Controllers

Target Industry

       All Industries


Suppliers can add their catalogues into a CSV which can then be imported by ClickPOS users.


Inserting new records and/or update existing products

In this instance you can download a pre-formatted CSV below.

This is designed for new product insertions and update of existing information that is already available.

Existing records utilise the Barcode field to reference and will update the remaining fields in accordance when importing

Click here for CSV

Fields contained within CSV:

  • Barcode
  • Product Name
  • Description
  • Supplier Product Code
  • Supplier Name
  • Purchase Price (Inclusive of Tax)
  • Tax
  • Sale Price (Inclusive of Tax)
  • Min RRP (Inclusive of Tax)
  • Master Category
  • Category
  • Bypass Stock (yes or no)

Note: please avoid using special characters within the import file @$%&*!><'";:


  1. Download above CSV and store in a safe location
  2. Open CSV using MS Excel
  3. Take note of the 2 example records. 1st is an item that will be physically stocked into inventory. 2nd is a record that does not require stocking into inventory. For now leave the 2 example records in the file until you have finished populating your requirements
  4. Add all information in accordance to the downloaded CSV file
  5. Save as CSV

Importing the file

  1. Navigate to Reports > Import Data
  2. Select Accessory Types
  3. Click Browse
  4. Select the CSV file
  5. Click Upload
  6. Once complete, verify they have imported by searching Product Maintenance for a record that you know is contained within the CSV. 

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