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We offer the ability to prevent access to ClickPOS unless logging in via a pre-set IP Address associated with your location.

Important Note: Before proceeding with this guide, please ensure your location (router) has what is known as a 'Static' IP Address 

You will be required to contact your Internet Service Provider and verify/request a static IP address.

You may proceed once you have a guaranteed static IP address.

If you proceed without a static IP address you risk the chance of locking yourself out of ClickPOS.

Navigation : Maintain > System Administration > Network Address Restriction
Target Audience : Administrators, Network Administrators


  • Login into ClickPOS with an account that can access Maintain > System Admin
  • Proceed to Maintain > System Admin > Network Address Restriction
  • Click 'New'

  • Enter a label for this IP range

Note: You can provide any name that suits

  • Single IP Address: Enter the same IP Address in both Start Range field and End Range Field
  • Click Insert

  • IP Address Range: Enter the first IP Address in the range in Start Range and the last IP Address in the End Range field
  • Click Insert


Now that you have applied the IP that are allowed to access ClickPOS, you can now initiate the restriction for the relevant user groups.

  • Navigate to MAINTAIN > USER GROUPS > Select required group and click EDIT

Note: ClickPOS heavily advise that you do not apply the restriction to your administrator group. This is a preventative measure in the event your IP does change for some reason.

  • Tick 0.00.200 Restricted to system network addresses

  • Click OK to save
  • Repeat with other user groups.

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