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When installing DPS as your solution and connecting to PC during setup, the process will automatically download a configuration file specific to your merchant ID and ClickPOS' requirements.

From time to time this configuration file can conflict with ClickPOS required settings.

If you are experiencing issues with DPS please to proceed to check the following settings.

Windows 32bit & 64bit

  • Open windows explorer (My Computer)
  • 64Bit- Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\DPS\Eftpos
  • 32Bit - Navigate to C:\Program Files\DPS\Eftpos
  • Open PXPP_CFG.TXT in Notepad
  • Ensure that the below setting are identical to what you have in your config file
  • Reboot if you had to modify any settings
  • If settings have not changed and are identical to below, contact ClickPOS support immediately

Note: You can use <CTRL>+F (find command to search for the first reference point)

Example: Search for PrinterName and ensure that EPSONPOS is set. If not, change the current value to match our requirements.

Only change the below settings where necessary and do not modify anything else.


Required Settings








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