Web POS | Performing a Stocktake


The system will take a snapshot of inventory that allows measurement of inventory counts against the snapshot. This provides accurate variances that can then be written on or off.

Take an Inventory Snapshot

Snapshot types

  • All
  • Products Only
  • Phones Only (Telecommunication Only)

Snapshot fields

  • ID
  • Type
  • Date/Time Begin
  • Date/Time End
  • Approve By
  • Step 2 – Add Stock Count
  • Edit Count
  • Enter Notes
  • Compare & Print
  • Stocktake Adjustment
  • Step 3 – End Stocktake


  1. Select the preferred method from the provided drop-down box and click OK to generate.

  1. A new snapshot entry will appear at the bottom of the screen

Counting Inventory

Note: There are several methods that can be utilised to capture inventory.

  • Scan directly into ClickPOS
  • Scan into text document and transfer count later (ClickPOS preferred method)
  • Produce Catalogue List, count manually and transfer count later

Add Stock Count to Stocktake

  1. Click ‘Step 2 Add Stock Count’
  2. Scan direct or transfer from other method into the below highlighted box.

Note: you can utilise quantity entry but we find that this is not as consistent as scanning each item individually.

Note: You are not restricted to entering all at one time. You may break up entry if you see fit.

  1. Close this window once you have finished adding inventory to the count.

Modifying the Stocktake Count

You can modify the count any time providing the count has not been closed.

  1. Click ‘Edit Count’
  2. Modify your count in accordance by deleting or adjusting the count
  3. Click OK to save
  4. Close window

Adding Notes to Stocktake

You may add notes to your count that can be referenced any time.

  1. Click ‘Notes’
  2. Enter any relevant notes that you may require
  3. Click OK to save
  4. Click Close to finish


Stocktake Comparison (Compare report)

View this report once all stock has been entered into the count.

This report will indicate variance and any associated costs to that variance.

Note: You may utilise this report to write on stock that reflects as a positive.

Write on stock

  1. Click the  button on the right side of the line item you wish to add to inventory
  2. Enter any relevant purchase information
  3. Save and repeat where necessary

Missing Stock Adjustment (Write off)

Once the count is 100% complete and all internal investigation have been finalised is when you can perform a write off of missing inventory. Please be accountable at this point as once the stock has been written off, it cannot be reversed automatically.

  1. Click ‘Adjustment’
  2. A window will appear asking for confirmation to proceed

  1. Click OK to continue

  1. An invoice has been generated with all missing stock

Ending a Stocktake

Note: Once ended you are unable to modify or perform any actions unless your user group permissions permit

  1. Click ‘End Stocktake’

Deleting a Stocktake

You can delete and restart a stocktake anytime.

  1. Tick the box to the left of the stocktake snapshot you wish to delete.
  2. Click the delete button

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