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Missing 'company' logo on the printed e-voucher/e-topup

OPOS USERS (Windows & Internet Explorer Only)

  1. - Ensure you are using Microsoft Windows operating system
  2. - Ensure you are using Internet Explorer browser
  3. - Ensure epay images have been downloaded and placed in the correct location

Download/unzip epay logo pack to the required location on your PC

Steps for Epson OPOS logo installation

  • Download '' located at the bottom of this article to a safe location of your PC
  • Double click '' which will open the zip file using your default archiving tool
  • Unzip/Extract the EPAY_IMAGES folder to your desktop
  • Right click the EPAY_IMAGES folder selecting 'Cut'
  • Open windows explorer and navigate to C:\
  • Right click in the white space selecting 'Paste'
  • Verify EPAY_IMAGES folder resides on the C:\ (Address will now be C:\EPAY_IMAGES\)
  • Complete


  1. Contact ClickPOS support to verify if the correct epay list has been uploaded by either via raising a ticket or calling our support line on 03 9092 5300


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