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In order to establish an integrated epay solution with ClickPOS you will be required to submit the below forms to the relevant parties.

Note: Some browser may experience issues when completing these form. We advise that you save the forms locally and then open using Adobe Acrobat Reader

Your epay application normally takes up to 5 business days to process. If you have not heard back in a week, please notify ClickPOS support who will follow up with epay on your behalf.

ClickPOS - Epay Integration Request

This form will notify your intent to integrate epay with ClickPOS.

This contains all steps and links to setup guides and the below epay application form. It must be filled directly and submitted without printing. 

Click here for the 'ClickPOS Integration Request' form

epay - Retailer Agreement & Application

This is required to be filled and submitted directly to epay. If you have already completed this form using the link contained within the ClickPOS - epay Integration Request then you can simply ignore this form.

This form will require to you print, fill and send back to epay.

We advise that you scan and email the form back to the email address contained with the form for fastest turnaround.

Click here for the 'epay Retailer Agreement Application' form 

Please note: You are unable to use your existing epay account which is currently linked to your terminal. A new application must be raised and approved before you can integrate with ClickPOS. Once you have established your integrated account and you are happy with the solution is when you can cancel your existing terminal based account and return the terminal to epay. 

Click here to be directed to the epay setup area

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