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Install TYRO with ClickPOS to allow IP Address merchant transactions to seamlessly integrate with a Cloud based POS.

Supported Devices & Browsers

Minimum Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows 7 – Chrome / Internet Explorer 10 / Firefox
  • Apple MacOS X – Chrome / Firefox
  • Android 4.4.2 KitKat – Chrome
  • Apple iOS 7- Chrome

Prerequisite Printing Options

Merchant & Point of Sale – Standalone EPSON TM-Series Printer (OPOS)

  • Both merchant and POS will utilise the EPSON OPOS printing logic

Merchant & Point of Sale – Standalone EPSON TM-Series Printer (Intelligent)

  • Both merchant and POS will utilise EPSON Intelligent printing logic

Merchant – Integrated Printer & Point of Sale - Standalone (OPOS or Intelligent or Other)

  • Merchant will print to the internal TYRO printer and POS will print to any printer of choice


Pairing TYRO terminal with device browser

You will be required to pair each device (PC, Tablet, etc..) with TYRO.

Note: Many devices can utilise the same TYRO terminal if required.

  1. On the Tyro Terminal:
  • Press the Menu button
  • Select Configuration … Integrated EFTPOS … Pair with POS
  • Press Start
  1. You will prompt with a Merchant ID and a Terminal ID that you will need to enter into browser. Make note of these values.
  2. In ClickPOS, navigate to Maintain > System Admin > Intelligent Functions > Merchant Setup





  1. You will be required to click START on the terminal
  • It will state that the key has been sent
  • Check browser and ensure it states that pairing is successful
  1. Click OK to finish the pairing process



Setup payment button in ClickPOS

You will also be required to create a payment button in ClickPOS that will be used to process the TYRO credit/debit transaction/s.

  1. Login to ClickPOS
  3. Create a new payment type by completing the basic requirements as followed

Optional Fields: Payment Group, Colour, Order, Large Button, User Groups

  1. (Only if surcharge is being applied) Enter a value to offset a % surcharge

E.g. Enter 4 if you wish to charge 4% on the specific payment


  1. You may remove older (unrequired) payment buttons

Note: You only require 1 button for all payments (Visa, MC, AMEX, Debit, etc..) unless you have a surcharge applied as denote in step 4.




Error: POS is not paired with a terminal

Solution: Complete the pairing process again. If it fails again, upgrade your internet browser and try again.


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