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ClickPOS offer the ability to easily capture contractual information from Siebel with the use of a 2D barcode scanner.

Please contact ClickPOS support if you require guidance on selling plans and phones using a 2D scanner.

1st class supported devices

  1. Datalogic QD2430

Datalogic QD2430 Troubleshooting


My QR code is not scanning and not emitting a light.


Ensure that the scanner USB cord is plugged into an available USB port. Try an alternate port if available in the event it is not working after checking the 1st USB port. Also check to make sure the unit and cord have not been damaged.


My code is not scanning into ClickPOS - Error message


Try scanning into notepad or a word document first as the results in most cases will be accurate. Then open up a new tab in your internet browser and scan the code into a google search or web address bar. Copy the web browser result into the same word document from the previous step. Compare both results.

If they are both the same then send that result through to with the subject header 'QR Code Scanning Issue'. We will analyse the code and provide a fast answer on the root cause.

If the web browser code is different indicates there is an issue in the setup of your browser language/keyboard language or your browser is finding it hard to keep up with the scanner. 

Ensure that you have set your location settings correctly in Windows and also that the keyboard is set to US English.

If you still continue to get inconsistent or incorrect results indicates your browser is not running as quick as the scanner demands and will require you to slow down the scan commitment threshold. 

The below attachment will provide simple barcodes that can be scanned to slow the Datalogic QD2430 down.

Download, open and print the attached 'ClickPOS Datalogic QD 2430_ReadTime.pdf' document. 

Start by scanning the 10ms barcode and if successful, try the 5ms and stay there if it is working consistently.

If it resorts back to incorrect results move back to 10ms by scanning the 10ms barcode again.

At any time you can default the scan time by scanning the 1ms barcode.

If still not working after all the above has been exercised, try contacting Datalogic Support here who will be more than happy to assist you further.

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