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What is the Supplier alliance?

The “supplier alliance” is a feature ClickPOS introduced to save you time in adding new products into your catalogue by recognised supplier.

We have created a master database where all recognised supplier master product information is stored that can be referenced by yourself when ordering the item for the first time that was never previously stocked.

This will simplify the creating of a new product line and in most cases allow you to not have to navigate away from your order or incoming stock screen

How to add products?

There are 3 main areas where you add you can add Supplier alliance products directly into your product catalogue.

Important Note:

Upon commitment of an item to your catalogue. Pricing is imported based on the information provided to ClickPOS by the supplier itself and may not be accurate. 

Please verify and update in your catalogue where necessary.

Stock > Add products 

If the product you are adding is a new product on the market and has not been previously stocked before.

  1. Tick the “Include products from Supplier Alliance”
  2. Scan the barcode or use the provided search to find the product (ClickPOS will display items at the bottom of the list)
  3. If the item was 'Not' in your catalogue, but found in the master supplier’s list. ClickPOS will display the result at the very bottom of the webpage
  4. If discovered in the master list, select a CATEGORY which this item belongs to, then click on the BARCODE to merge it with your catalogue
  5. The item will be added to the catalogue for the current and all future supplier orders

Stock > Product Maintain

You can also add the products in Product maintain. It is the same process,

  1. Go to” Search”
  2. Tick the of “Include products from Supplier Alliance”
  3. Use any of the  provided search Options eg., supplier is “Cellnet”, or enter product barcode etc.
  4. If not found in your catalogue proceed to bottom to verify supplier alliance entry exists
  5. If it exists, select the category you wish to apply the product to
  6. Click the product BARCODE to merge with your catalogue

Stock > Orders

The third area where you can search for supplier alliance is the Purchase Orders area.

  1. Simply scan or enter the barcode of the item,
  2. Click search,
  3. If not in your catalogue, it will look at the Supplier Alliance lists
  4. if found, ClickPOS will display the blue message below
  5. Select a category for the product 
  6. Click 'Add Product' to proceed with the order

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