Web POS | Epson OPOS - 2.80E R12 Setup (Windows 10 Support)

Windows 10 Support (backwards compatible)

Before proceeding, it is optional to remove the previous version of OPOS if installed, though it is not imperative. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: OPOS is for Microsoft Internet Explorer 32bit Only. You must run the 32bit version of Internet Explorer when trying to print to an Epson TM series printer. *Intelligent Models Exempt*

ClickPOS advise a clean installation in the event you had issues previously and were unable to print from within ClickPOS.

1. Download Epson OPOS 2.80E R12

2. Navigate to the download location and open ADK280ER12.exe

3. Unzip to C:\OPOS

4. Open My Computer

5. Browse to C:\OPOS\OPOSADK\ADK280ER12\Disk1

6. Click Setup.exe

7. Accept Terms & Conditions and click Next

8. Ensure No Registry File is selected and click Next

9. Select USER and click Next

10. Click Next

11. Select required port/s and click Next.

Note: This step is imperative to ensure correct functionality. It is dependent on how the printer connects to your PC.

12. Click Finish to Complete.

13. After installing OPOS, login to clickpos and navigate to Maintain > System Admin > Store Maintenance > Select Branch > Ensure T88 OPOS Version is set to 2.67

14. Proceed to the setup instructions for your Interface.

USB Instructions

Ethernet and other interfaces can be trickier. Please contact ClickPOS support for assistance. 03 9092 5300 or


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