Web POS | Process for Stock Transfer with different ABN

Process for Stock Transfer with different ABN

This document guides you through the stock transfer process when branches have different ABN’s within the same company. It is important that the configuration of this process is complete prior to following these instructions. If you haven’t configured your store for a stock transfer, refer to article “Configuration for ABN Stock Transfer”.

If you have completed the configuration, then continue through steps below;


1. Create Stock Transfer

Go ahead and create a Stock Transfer as per usual. There is no change in this process except a message will appear upon selecting the To Branch as system detects a different ABN.

Message: “Branch has different Tax No. so transfer would lead to a fresh sale @ Purchase Price.”


2. Verify Sale Invoice

Check that the sale invoice has been created by system and included all the necessary information

Navigate to Sale>Search Old Sale>search for sale invoice using search criteria

3. Payment

Please note that the exact purchase price inc GST is automatically offset as a sale price for the transaction.

No payment will be applied to this invoice and will remain outstanding at the end of the day. If 'On Account' payment is used it will show as a 'On Account' sale on the daily reconciliation. If no payment button is used, it will still reference as an account payment requirement but will show as a discrepancy on the daily reconciliation. It is advise that the dispatching stock apply an 'On Account' payment to acknowledge the dispatch of the invoice. 

--End Process




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