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Here are some helpful links to guide you on getting started.

Getting Started

  1. Add all your Location (if you have more than one office/location)
  2. Add your current employees and print or email Staff ID's to employees
  3. Download the App from Apple App Store to your Apple device ready to scan
  4. Start Scanning
  5. Produce Payroll reports

1. Adding Locations / Departments

ClickPOS will automatically add your first Location. If you have more than one location or department you may add these additional locations. 

The Location can be a physical location or a department.

To add or Edit location, go to

Maintain > Location > Add Location

2. Adding Employees and Print ID's

You need to add all employees and produce employee identification (ID's). These Ids will be used by the employee to scan in and out ultimately tracking each employee’s attendance.


Adding new employees

To add all your employees, basic information you need is their Name, Last name and department being worked at.

Go to Employees > Employees sub menu > Add Edit radio button

- Add a user name, usually employees initial and family name. E.g. jbourne

- Select User Group, A default user group is listed as Administrator and Employee. Note that additional user groups can be added under User Groups.

- Then Name and Last name of the employee

- Enter a password for the employee.

- Select the Location and the Default location.

- Select Pay Rate Default hours and if they receive other pay Rates.

- Click OK to save,

Then “Print” the users ID. The ID's can also be screen captured and emailed to employees, Employees can save image and scan using their phones.


Note: Each time a change is made to the employee user name or password, a re-print of the Staff ID is necessary.

If you change the Company Login password, you will require to re-print ALL employees ID's.


You may also print multiple IDs under the Search option. Tick several employees then select QR Code as the barcode type, then print.


 3. Adding Reference (Jobs/Projects for time billing option)

This REFERENCE feature is an optional selection for when an employee scans IN. It is useful if your company wants to track time spent on projects or jobs for billing purposes. For example, an Architectural business employee may work on several projects in one day. As they start each project, they will scan in, system will list all projects and user selects the project, when employee is ready for the next project, they will scan out from current project, then scan back in again, selecting the new project. This section will be covered in the Apple App below.


To Add a new reference (Project/job), go to Maintain > Reference

Below is an example of the Reference selection given when employee scans IN. Employee selects the Reference which can be reported later, showing number of hours spent on each project for time billing.

ADVANCED FEATURE: The User Group section determines if the employee has access to this Web App.

That is, if the employee being added needs to access this application to administer the system, such as adding Employees, or printing payroll reports, then they will use the “USER NAME” and “PASSWORD” in the login screen to enter their own login details. You can limit their access in the user Group permission to selected screens and functions.

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