iOS POS | Tyro - Pairing with ClickPOS

This guide will cover the pairing process involved when connecting a Tyro EFTPOS terminal to your ClickPOS iOS Point of Sale application.


  • ClickPOS iOS sale application (must be fully activated and not in free trial mode) (Download)
  • Active Tyro merchant EFTPOS account
  • Tyro supplied and activated EFTPOS terminal connected to your local network

Pairing Tyro with ClickPOS

  1. Open the ClickPOS iOS sale application
  2. Tap 'Menu' in the upper left corner of the applicationIMG_0006.jpg
  3. Tap the 'Settings' optionIMG_0007.jpg
  4. Tap the 'Hardware' settings menu optionIMG_0009.jpg
  5. Tap 'Connect Tyro EFTPOS' under the 'Tyro Payment' sectionIMG_0044.JPG
  6. Enter the Tyro EFTPOS Terminal configuration menu
  7. Select Option 5 - Configuration and enter your terminal passcode
  8. Select Option 1 - Integrated EFTPOS
  9. Select Option 1 - Select Integration Mode
  10. Select Option 2 - Integrated
  11. You will now see Option 2 - Pair with POS within the integrated Mode menu
  12. Select Option 2 - Pair with POS
  13. Take note of the MID and TIDIMG_0045.JPG
  14. Enter the MID into the Merchant ID field
  15. Enter the TID into the Terminal ID field
  16. Tap Authorise in ClickPOSIMG_0013.jpg
  17. Tap Start on the terminal to initiate the pairing
  18. The terminal will now be paired to ClickPOS iOS sale app.


After Successful Pairing

Create the associated Tyro payment button in ClickPOS (Instructions)


Issues Pairing

If unsuccessful, use the 'Retry' option and try again.

If you continue to have issues pairing you will need to contact ClickPOS customer care.

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