iOS POS | Create a new product line


This guide will cover the process involved when creating a new product line in ClickPOS iOS POS.

Creating a new product line:

  1. Tap the 'Menu' icon
  2. Tap 'Products'IMG_0109.JPG
  3. Tap the 'Add' iconIMG_0124.JPG
  4. Enter a product name (this will be displayed on the sale screen and printed on the customer receipt)IMG_0125.JPG
  5. Select an existing image stored on the device or take a photo (this is not compulsory and will be displayed on the product button within the sale module)IMG_0126.JPG
  6. Tap 'Barcode'IMG_0127.JPG
  7. Select the barcode icon to use an existing barcode or Select the generate icon to autogenerate a barcode if no barcode exists on the packaging.IMG_0128.JPG
  8. Select an existing product categoryIMG_0129.JPG
  9. Enter a product description. (this is a long description and should not be confused with the product name)IMG_0130.JPG
  10. Tap 'Supplier'IMG_0131.JPG
  11. Select a supplier from the supplier listIMG_0132.JPG
  12. Enter a supplier product code (this is the unique code used by your supplier, if one doesn't exist use the product name as the code)IMG_0134.JPG
  13. Enter the sale price inclusive of sale taxIMG_0135.JPG
  14. Enter the tax percentage %IMG_0136.JPG
  15. Enter a taxfree amount in currency. (This is rarely used and must be accurate to avoid taxable supply issues)IMG_0137.JPG
  16. Enter the recommended retail price. (This is not the actual sale price, it's used to gauge discounts and specials)IMG_0138.JPG
  17. Enter the purchase price inclusive of taxIMG_0139.JPG
  18. Tap 'Save' to create the productIMG_0141.JPG
  19. Tap 'Close' to finalise without variants. (Variants can be applied if required, for information on creating and adding variants proceed to the Variants user guide located here)IMG_0165.JPG

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