iOS POS | Auto generating variants on a new product line


After creating a new product line you also have the ability to add variants of the same product. This is highly useful in environments such as restaurants and cafes where the same product can be sold with different contained ingredients or offer different sizes for example.

Note: This guide assumes that you have already created the required attributes prior and only plan on assigning them to the product.

Adding variants to a new product line:

  1. After creating a new product, Tap 'Add Variant'IMG_0150.JPG
  2. Tap the 'Add' iconIMG_0151.JPG 
  3. Tap 'Add Attribute'IMG_0153.JPG
  4. Select the required variantIMG_0155.JPG
  5. Tap 'Add Attribute' to add another.IMG_0156.JPG
  6. Leave the 'Type' area blankIMG_0157.JPG
  7. Tap 'Auto Generate Variants'IMG_0158.JPG
  8. Tap 'Close' to view created variantsIMG_0160.JPG
  9. Tap the product to modify Price or Tax %IMG_0161.JPG
  10. Change the price or tax then tap 'Save' to updateIMG_0162.JPG
  11. Repeat with other variants.

Deleting the unwanted assigned variant:

Note: When working with many variants, it is easier to create bulk and remove what is unwanted later.

  1. Tap the unwanted variantIMG_0163.JPG
  2. Tap 'Delete' to remove the variantIMG_0164.JPG
  3. Repeat with all unwanted variants 

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